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The client, a collector of cars and motorcycles, commissioned Michael Tauber Architecture to design a master bedroom addition to the stucco southwest style existing house, design a new guest house, and design a new garage with office and lounge to house their collection.

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The guest house and garage bookend the existing pool to create a courtyard open to the west while framing a view of the wild grass field. The buildings take the existing roof height as a datum for the addition and new buildings flat “green” roofs. The flat roofs in general sit in juxtaposition to sloping roofs that open to views and emit light high into the spaces.

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At the garage, the high bay work space in the garage is celebrated in form by the large “butterfly” roof. This roof is also shaped to provide natural passive ventilation by taking wind in to the space from the west low and exhausting to the east high.

The stucco base of the buildings, with large expansive windows and garage doors are provided with wood slatted screens – vertical on the west and horizontal on the south which provide solar heat gain protection, allow views through to the surrounding landscape and provide texture to the building material palette.





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