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The owners of a 1940ís ranch house wanted to continue the open flow of the rest of the house into the kitchen, thereby providing a place to entertain and congregate.

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The house had a notch which limited the size of the old kitchen and disconnected the study from the kitchen and the rest of the house. By enclosing the notch, space was found to reorient the whole kitchen to take advantage of the views of nearby Mount Tamalpais.

A new island and bar top was built that is the social center of the space. A glass wall divided the adjacent study from the kitchen increasing the perceived size of the space. Above the island is a long linear skylight which brings natural light to both the kitchen and the study and serves as a beacon from the living and dining rooms.

The cherry cabinetry is carried through to the adjacent rooms strengthening the connection and flow between the rooms while translucent glass allows the passage of light from room to room.





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