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Project Architect
With Michael Willis Architects

This waste water quality testing lab is organized into a "hard" analytical lab and a computation office side. This organization allows for cost savings by separating the more complex and expensive HVAC equipment of the analysis from the simpler office needs.

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Within the building care was taken both in planning and in detail to provide a livable, non sterile, productive environment. Individual analyses are organized into pods open to a corridor which allows user interaction as well as access to common agents. The labs large windows allow for natural light and views to the surrounding landscape, improving the quality of the work environment and reducing energy usage in artificial lighting.

Heat gain and glare are minimized by louvered screens constructed of sustainably harvested Ipe wood. Wood is also used at the building corridor ceilings to create a less sterile, more comfortable working environment. End of corridors are glass walls to connect interiors to the exterior and to bring light into the middle of the building.

The office side of the building is composed of an airy, light filled carrel area with custom maple wood shelving and reading stand and private offices which line the carrel area. The offices have glass walls on two sides allowing light to reach deep into the carrel space and to allow for views to the outside for both the analysts and the management of the lab. The building was sited to create a landscaped outdoor patio break area to the south and a rolling lawn to the north, which allows for future expansion. Through the use of elegant detailing and a more refined finish, the lab has become the signature building for the wastewater campus.

Completion date 2001

Awards: Metal Architecture magazine, Honor award.


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