SAE - Audio
Engineering School

Law Offices
of Alcantar & Kahl

Performance Center

Intel Clubhouse

Ross Drulis

Cental Costa County

This 15,000 square foot tenant improvement for an audio engineering school is comprised of individual recording studios, classrooms, office space, library resource areas and reception/conference space. To offset the tight budget, spaces were designed for multiple uses. In addition, the greatest design attention was given to the areas that have the greatest impact such as the entry and reception.

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The design fits the program into an existing 1920s era industrial warehouse. Working closely with the mechanical and structural engineers, MTA was able to organize the new building systems required of the many small rooms to maximize the use of the space and overcome the very low existing ceiling structure.

The lounge/ resource spaces are located at both ends of the through block building while the spaces that require no natural light the classrooms, office spaces, and studios are located centrally between. At the new entry a metal display wall plays up the industrial nature of the space while connecting the indoors and outdoors.

At the rear resource space, which can double as an open classroom, limited head height under the central concrete beam was viewed as an opportunity to introduce a tackable wall for announcements and classroom use, while a wood bench structure, designed for recreating, brings a focus to the area.

Size: 14,000 sf
Completion: 2009


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